About Me




So you struggle with wearing multiple hats ???

You know you forgot something, but you’re too busy to remember what it was.

Your overwhelm keeps your stuck and miserable.

I have been there and it took me 30 years to realize that this did not have to be my reality!

Being overworked, overwhelmed and living in straight confusion was horrible and the struggle was REAL!!!

Hey! My name is Nicolya and I am a personal development coach for busy women wanting to conquer their chaos. My business was birthed by my passion to help busy women to have more balance, feel more motivated, and  inspired to be the best version of themselves.

This is only possible through building confidence, mastering your mindset, and your willingness to push through obstacles that have been keeping you bound.

As a busy woman I know exactly how frustrating it can be. You want to be available to those you care about, set and reach goals and still be able to do things that matter to you. You want to overcome negative thinking and be able to work towards your passions with confidence. You want to do all of this effortlessly and without all of the stress, confusion and overwhelm.

This is the exact reason I became a coach. I want to share my story, my experiences and my tips to make this a reality for you.

No I cannot add more hours to your day, but everyday I help women just like you to learn practical ways to manage an already busy life.

 As a personal development coach I lock arms with my clients and assist them in improving clarity around the goals that they would like to reach and the steps to take to get there. I make it possible for my clients to knock down barriers that are preventing their success and to create the life they desire to live.

Most importantly I help my clients to learn to say “yes” to themselves when for the longest they have been put on the back burner.

You deserve to have peace and balance in your life….so don’t wait any longer, Let’s get started!

Check out my free fear to fuel masterclass where you will learn practical steps to conquer your fear. Also be sure to book a session with me by filling out the form here to submit a request for individual coaching. Due to the exclusivity of these one on one sessions space is very limited.