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Hey, fellow goal digger!

 I am guessing you picked up this book because you have a goal you
want to reach? Maybe it's that new house you want to buy, the book you always dreamed of
writing or the new business you want to start. Whatever it is, goals must be set because goal
setting is a map to help get you where you want to go in your life.
In order to reach your goals, it is going to take some serious action. You cannot set a goal and
wait for it to fall into your lap. You have to have a strategy and not just any old strategy but one
that actually works.  In The Goal Getter Guide, you will learn a simple strategy that you can implement no matter
how big or small the goal is that you are working on. The great thing is that the process is broken
down into small bite size chunks teaching you how to take a once overwhelming and tedious process
and making it seamless.
Let's make those goals your reality.

I always had a list of goals I was "working on" but nothing ever came of it. I was stressed overwhelmed and frustrated. I just thought I was not meant to set goals. I had no idea that I could set goals and reach them I just needed a plan. This is exactly what this book gave me! I am forever grateful because when I set goals I plan for them as if they are already happening because now I know in time that they will.

Atha Sanders, Transformational Coach

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