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With Nicolya Williams

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Nicolya Williams Personal Development Coach

Nicolya Williams is a personal development coach, best selling author, and blogger for women. As a coach she divides her time between empowering women one on one and motivating groups of women through master classes. When not spending time on her business Nicolya enjoys spending time with family, reading, attending church or exercising at the gym.You can connect with Nicolya on all social media handles @NicolyaWilliams or online:



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(June 29, 2017) at...

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What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

  1. How to successfully publish while on a budget
  2. The most important components of publishing a successful book
  3. Step-by-step strategies you can implement in your writing and publishing process for immediate results 

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This is the first class that I feel is giving value. I've taken others that missed the mark. Thanks! -Yo'landa L. 

Nicolya is a passionate publishing powerhouse! She is able to guide and support authors through the entire book writing, publishing and profiting process- saving writers time, energy and money. She is truly an author's secret weapon to book publishing success with the clarity and confidence she helps create in writers. I highly recommend that new and even seasoned authors connect with Nicolya if they want to get their message to the masses. You won't regret it!

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