I don’t know where I would be without her. She is ALWAYS there when I feel like I have nowhere else to turn and really helps me bring clarity to my confusion.

Shardae K.

Nicolya provides Great customer service.  She is Very punctual and knowledgeable.  She truly desires for each of her clients to succeed and willing to help them in any way she can. Great experience.

Bianca J.

If you have ever thought about writing a book, you should just do it. Do not worry about what you don’t know or understand because there are people that find pleasure in helping others pursue their dreams of being an author. Nicolya I want to thank you so much for being there. Your positive energy is truly genuine and there is no way for me to express what a blessing you have been through this journey. Now I am officially a published author. I never saw my character Bella coming to life, but with your support, guidance, knowledge and emotional support, we literally manifested this adorable girl was brought into reality. Thank you for being you Colya!

Tisa E.

Let me tell you something about Nicolya. She is about her business. If you’re not connected to her you’re missing out on your opportunity to prosper. #wakeup #dontmissit

Erica A.

Nicolya is the best. She has helped me to write with passion and made it meaningful. I asked God to put people in my path and I know without a doubt she was from Him!

Laney L.

I am currently taking the boot camp and it is awesome. I am really learning a lot!

Ronda M.

I really appreciate Nicolya for what all she has done for me.  She could never know the magnitude of her reach. I pray that God immensely blesses her in ways that she could never fathom.  Working with her is a blessing and she will help you beyond what you can see!

Yolanda E.
Nicolya is a passionate publishing powerhouse! She is able to guide and support authors through the entire book writing, publishing and profiting process- saving writers time, energy and money. She is truly an author’s secret weapon to book publishing success with the clarity and confidence she helps create in writers. I highly recommend that new and even seasoned authors connect with Nicolya if they want to get their message to the masses. You won’t regret it!
Angel R.

Nicolya is awesome in our time together she made me think of things I have never thought about before. Nicolya truly helped me to change my approach and perspective to making my book stand out.

Amber H.

“When I first met Nicolya I remember thinking ‘How in the world is a single mom of 2, full-time counselor, author, and life coach able to do all of these things and do them so well?’. It became evident in our conversations that she’s learned to master her time and she challenged me to do the same. I’ve reevaluated the way in which I’ve pursued my passion specifically in terms of where I focus and organize my time and since have taking big steps toward pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams. Thank you Nicolya for being a great example and an awesome coach!”

Kendra H.

Nicolya helped me to conquer my chaos… I know that is what she says she does, but that is actually what she does. I worked with Nicolya on my book and my time management, which was an idea I had been procrastinating on for years. Through our sessions she helped me to find time where I thought it did not exist. She helped me to learn to open up my schedule and make my goals a priority. For that I am forever grateful.

Chavonne S.

Nicolya is truly a clarity connoisseur! Being apart of her online community not only enriches my life daily but it helps me stay on track. I had the opportunity to discuss with Nicolya some areas of my business that really needed improvement especially when it came to being more visible in my business. She helped me realize that I could show expertise by becoming an author. And then I got the book writing bug. She encouraged me and made me aware of the book I didn’t know I had inside me. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with Nicolya and getting my book published.

Brittnie S.

Nicolya is very personal while being professional!  She gave me wonderful pointers, but, at the same time, encouraged me in the thing that I was doing right. I am looking forward to more sessions with her.


Edith S.

Nicolya has been wonderful in helping me realize that I can make myself stand out in an already saturated market. She has given me creative strategies to increase my chances of being recognized. Now we are working on my book and I am so happy with the progress thus far!

Atha S.
Thank you so much for speaking into the lives of very busy women.  We, the Virtuous Women of God of New Season Christian Ministries, hold fast to the quick tips that you imparted into us. 
​We appreciate the time you took to answer questions pertaining to book writing and strategies of how to accomplish goals.  The knowledge you have is invaluable. You always encourage ​everyone to follow ​our dreams even​ if​ at times ​we feel discouraged. Yo​u are​ a business oriented ​woman ​which contributes to the amount of success you have attained and will continually gain.  It’s obvious you put your heart into your work and your passion shows through all things you do.
Nicolya, you’ve proven that even ​during the most devastating events in your life​ you are able to come out of them with more strength. You have a strong faith in God that allows you to believe that these things happen for a reason. If things don’t work out a certain way, you understand that the outcome that does occur was meant to happen. Your patience is an absolute virtue. You know it takes time for great things to come together and you never rush into things.​ ​I pray nothing but God’s favor over you!​
First Lady Carmen Dobbins