~Plan to Publish Training For Aspiring Authors~

In this training,  you will discover the 9 simple steps you can use to take your book from just an idea to your reality. 

 What you will learn from this training:

1. How to avoid the things that have kept you from publishing your book

2. The exact formula for publishing your book

3. ​ How to make your book stand out in a saturated market

4. How to get your book in the hands of your niche market​

5. How to make time in your busy schedule for your book​

6. How to prosper off of your book

All of this for only $20!!! 

Trust Me You Don't Want To Miss This!


I took the plan to publish training and it changed my life. I had always wanted to write a book to grow my brand and expand my reach, but the thought of it alone was so overwhelming. I decided to take the initiative to take the training and Nicolya helped me simplify the process and now I am working on my second book! 

 Brittnie S. 


Hair Care Coach