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Nicolya Williams is a best selling author, certified personal development coach, and blogger for women. As a coach, she divides her time between empowering women one on one and motivating groups of women through master classes. When not spending time on her business Nicolya enjoys spending time with family, reading, attending church or exercising at the gym. You can connect with Nicolya at or on social media @NicolyaWilliams

Plan to Publish Academy

Take your author dreams and make them a reality

Did you know that 81% of American’s want

to write a book?

BUT less than 3% actually do it!

What are the other 78% doing?

They are making excuses:

"I don’t have time."

"I don’t know where to begin."

"Nobody will want to read what I write."

"I am not a strong writer."

Don't believe all of the misconceptions

about book writing.

Regardless of what is going on YOU CAN DO THIS!

You can do this because you have the desire burning inside of you. 

Don't use time, or money as a crutch for avoiding your published author dreams!!!

Hi! I am Nicolya, I was in the majority once.

I spent YEARS saying I would write a book, but every time it came down to it, I just filled my mind with all of the reasons why it could never come true.

But one day I decided.. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I dreamed of writing

 my first book for years! And it was finally time to stop dreaming, and start doing!

After actually writing my book, I realized

that the only thing truly standing in my way was ME!

Maybe you're feeling the same way.

Are you sick of falling victim to your own excuses?

Are you tired of hoping and wishing and

ready to make your book your reality?

Well, I have great news for you......

The Plan to Publish Academy is a monthly membership subscription for women who desire to become authors.

In this membership program you will receive:

  • Information on writing your book
  • Modules on mindset, overcoming fear, self care and moving forward with your book
  • Each month you will get two new modules that are focused on the writing, publishing, marketing, and selling of your book
  • Access to our accountability group for extra support, tips, encouragement
  • Time-management suggestions for keeping you on track with the writing even though you have a busy life
  • Connections to cost effective yet thorough graphic designers and developmental editors
  • Discounts on working with graphic designers and editors 
  • Discounts in my store and with extra coaching with me
  • Time and money saving hacks and advice
  • Worksheets and templates to use for your book
  • Training on how to blog and create content that correlates with your book
  • Learn how to pitch yourself to podcasts, blogs, and so forth
  • A pitch opportunity to Courageous Woman Magazine or the MIZ CEO Radio Show
  • All the tools to build your media kit and connection with someone to build it for you if you chose that route instead
  • Guided instruction on obtaining your ISBN numbers or starting your own publishing company
  • Guidance on how to set up a lead page or landing page for your book
  • A pre-launch sales strategy
  • Ways to create extra streams of income around your book
  • Monthly Live Q&A calls
  • AND SO MUCH MORE - basically I will help you take an overwhelming process and make it seamless

You will receive all of this for Only $25 per month (That's less than $1 a day). I feel called to help women take their messages and turn them into their masterpieces and therefore I wanted the price to be extremely fair so no one has to turn away

Join us :

I created this program to make it easy for you. When I wrote my first book I researched for months before any of the work was done and it really slowed me down and weighed me down. I had no idea how many steps were involved with writing, publishing and marketing books. This caused me to want to give up on my author dreams. I don't want that for you. I want book writing to be easy for you. There is no need to put in the extra work or do this process alone. 

This is what this program is for!

Plan to Publish Academy changed my life. I have always wanted to write a book, but with the idea of spending tons of money to do it the time never felt quite right. When I found out about the academy I jumped on it, because I knew deals like that were once in a life time opportunities. I could not have imagined how much value I would get from the academy but let me say that it was WELL worth the cost.  




I haven't started my book yet... is this course for me?

Yes! In fact I have had people join who start with multiple ideas and want to narrow down their topic. It does not matter where you are in the process. The goal of the academy is to support you where you are and get you where you desire to be. 

I have already completed my book, can I join?

Absolutely!  Each month you will learn about writing and marketing. With this you can use the marketing information to apply it to your book and learn new skills. The writing information could be used when creating a second edition or for you future books.  Plus you will have an accountability group, and live Q and A which will help support your journey.

When does the course start?

The Academy is an ongoing program. You can enter at any time that you desire and you may also leave when you feel you have learned all you can learn. However, you will only have access to the materials as a paying member.

How much does the academy cost?

You can enroll for ONLY $25 per month

How much time will I need to invest?

The best part of the academy is that it is done at your own pace. I truly respect that you're busy and have other things you're working on so the time that you invest is completely up to you.  I do always suggest that you work on your book goals at least once per week and also be sure to join us for our monthly Q and A call.

Sign up and get started writing your book today for ONLY $25