Mindset Mastery Package


“This will never work for me!”

“I don’t have what it takes.”

“I will wait for everything to be perfect then I will start.”

“Nobody will believe in me.”

Sound familiar?

These are  limiting beliefs and they will wreak havoc on your success and your happiness!

Are your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to reach your goals?

Do you feel like success is out of reach for you?

Does this make you feel overwhelmed and discouraged?

You are not alone!

Many women battle with limiting beliefs and try to normalize them, but you don’t have to!

Imagine what it would feel like to conquer these obstacles. You are free from insecurity, overwhelm and clutter.  You no longer are simply busy, but you are actually productive.

I was you once. My overwhelm was real. I was constantly busy trying to be everything to everyone but never producing a single thing. I was always helping someone else, but threw myself on the back burner. I was playing many roles, but was not effective in ONE!

I was taking my kids to gymnastics and girl scouts.

I was leading at my church group

I was working overtime at my job to please my boss

I was working extra hard to ensure my grades were superior in grad school.

So when I say I understand I mean… “I understand”!

I can truly relate.

But even better I know how to help you become unstuck and unstoppable.

Don’t take it from here it from my clients!

“Nicolya helped me do what I had long believed was impossible. She helped me to turn my limiting beliefs from paralysis to production. This was such a blessing” – Amie

“Nicolya taught me so much about myself, but encouraged me with tough love” – Evelyn

When you work with me you will learn:

  • To gain clarity about what it is that you truly want
  • Practical steps to eliminate negative habits
  • Ways to overcome limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck
  • Goal setting techniques that actually work
  • Steps to improve your confidence

With the mindset mastery together we will work to define your priorities and create a personalized goal plan. We will identify mindset blocks that have kept you limited.

This package is not some cookie cutter deal where I give you a template and you fill it out and hope it fits for you. This package is made just for YOU. With the mindset mastery package I incorporate your mindset blocks, your schedule and your goals all to create a unique plan that fits your lifestyle.

With this package you will work with me for 4 weeks. Having one 45 minute call each week. And the best part is you have unlimited email access along the way!

What are you waiting for sign up now: