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I love kids and I volunteer at church to help with this children's ministry. When I heard about this devotional I knew immediately I had to get it. It is such a blessing to be able to share God with children. If you have children or work with children get this!

~Brittny S. 

I was so impressed to see a young girl with such a heart for God. This book is amazing and I think all little children should read this to connect with God in a world that is always calling for our attention otherwise.

~Terri B.

This book is powerful. Trust me do not miss a chance to raise your kids in a way where they learn to connect with God regularly!

~Jennifer L.


Kaelyn is a all out Jesus lover. Kaelyn is also an author. She loves spending time at church, or with family. On her down time she enjoys drawing, reading or playing roadblocks.

Kaelyn Williams
Nicolya Williams

Nicolya is a mother, best-selling author, personal development coach, and blogger for women. As a coach she divides her time between empowering women one on one and motivating groups of women through master classes. When not spending time on her business Nicolya enjoys spending time with family, reading, attending church or exercising at the gym.