Calm your mind


Meditation is so important to calm your body in such a busy world.

You can meditate almost anywhere as long as you can quiet your mind. While it’s helpful to minimize background sounds, the important thing is how you decide to react to them. When you accept what is going on in your head and the space around you, a noisy subway car can be as peaceful as a no-talking room at the library.


Try these techniques to help quiet your mind:

  1. Set up a meditation space. While you’re making the best of any conditions you find, you can still benefit from dedicating an area in your home specifically for meditation. It could be a separate room or just a spot on the rug next to your bed.
  2. Observe your breath. Bring your focus inwards by paying attention to your breath. Follow its natural rhythm. Start breathing deeper and slower.
  3. Detach from your thoughts. Notice what is on your mind without dwelling on it. Let go of judgments. Remember that your thoughts are just thoughts, and may sometimes be unrealistic.
  4. Focus on your feelings. Connect with your emotions. Visualize yourself feeling relaxed and happy.

When you meditate you will learn a lot. Some things that will happen include:

  1. Sort out your feelings. It’s common to try to run away from difficult or conflicting emotions. Meditation offers an opportunity to reflect on how you wound up where you are today, and gain insights into your experiences.
  2. Strengthen your concentration. Multitasking can weaken your attention span. As your concentration grows from your meditation practice, so will your self-knowledge and awareness.
  3. Create new habits. Meditation also has its practical side. End each session by committing yourself to specific actions that will help you achieve your goals.

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