6 Myths That Will Prevent You From Writing Your Book!

Do not let yourself get in the way of writing your book. So many people get consumed with doubt, fear, and uncertainty and they let this be the reason why they cannot write their books. I am writing this article because I speak to women all of the time who want to write a book and don’t believe that it can happen. It is so
disappointing because there are so many women with powerful stories that will bless others.

1. I am not a good writer.

You don’t have to be a good writer to write a book. All you need is knowledge and dedication to your topic. I had a teacher tell me my writing was terrible and I am working on my 6th book and have collaborated on two other books. If I had internalized what she said I would never be where I am now. To make the reading process good for my readers I hire an editor with all of my writing. This helps to bring it all together. My ultimate goal was to share information with women all around the world and if I let my writing strategies keep me stagnant I would have never been able to write my books or expand my business.

2. It is going to cost too much money.

Writing a book does not have to be expensive. My entire goal is to help women work through the process without breaking the bank. I actually wrote an entire blog about it and how you can cut costs. Check out my blog on the real cost of writing a book-

3. There are already books on that topic

There are a ton of books on every topic, but none of those books written are written from your perspective. Two people can experience the same situation and still remember or tell it differently. Think of the four gospels in the bible same concept different perspective. Another example, I wrote my book Quick Tips for Busy Women…there are many productivity experts and millions of productivity books, but I wrote that book with a unique approach based on my lifestyle. To my surprise I had several positive comments on my perspective and how well using the tips have worked for other women.

4. I am not an expert or I don’t believe people will want to read my book

Great news! You are not required to be an expert. I believe that you just have to know the topic well and have a unique approach to sharing the information. Also, it is helpful to build a following of people that are interested in your topic. Social media groups, online forums, and blogs are a great place to start to pre-seed, meaning asking questions to potential buyers about what they are looking for. For instance, if you’re thinking about writing a book about relationships – check out a few Facebook groups and read what the members in it are discussing and what their concerns are.

If you can answer the questions they are asking, you’ve got yourself an audience!

And then when you do publish you will now be seen as an expert on your topic! Woot Woot !!!

5. I do not have time

Time will never change and you will never automatically have enough time. It is all about how you spend your time and what is a priority. If you decide that writing your book is a priority. Try to break down your book into segments to work on, bit by bit. I read this book called the Slight Edge where the concept is to take small steps each day in the direction of your dreams. It may seem like the progress is slow but small progress is better than no progress. I do what is called power hours . Basically, with a power hour, you set aside one hour each day to focus and work on your goals. The best way to make these effective is to make this hour the time of day you’re most productive. So for me, that time was 5am-6am every day. I am naturally an early riser and also my kids are not. So that made mornings my prime time to allow me to reduce distractions and truly focus on my writing.  Also, I just read an article that says today’s readers typically prefer a 20,000 to 25,000-word count in the books they choose. This is great news because truthfully you should be able to achieve by writing for 60 minutes a day for a month!

6. I have no clue what I am doing so I will never succeed.

You are not alone! This is why I started my business. I wanted to help make my footprints your blueprints. You can sign up for a discovery call to learn how I can support you: https://calendly.com/nicolyawilliams/15min

I’d love to see you win!

If you have a desire to write your book do not let excuses or any myths get in the way of making it happen!

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