I am Disciplined

This week we will discuss the benefits of being disciplined!

I can’t stress enough how discipline can literally change your life.

No matter what I am working with a client on I talk about discipline.

This could be discipline in your finances, in your relationship in business really in anything.

Discipline is imperative to success.

Here is an affirmation I want you to say each day this week to increase your discipline.

When you say this affirmation really feel it – this will attach what you’re saying to your mind so that it becomes your reality.


Say this aloud:

I am disciplined 


I have an excellent degree of control over myself. I can control my thoughts and actions. This control allows me to be incredibly disciplined. I can accomplish more, in less time, than others I know because of these traits.


I have the discipline to do what needs to be done. Whether I need to exercise, have challenging conversations, or perform challenging tasks, I have the discipline to use my time wisely.


Procrastination is a foreign concept to me. I use my time effectively. My personal productivity is important to me.


My high level of discipline is a gift. I use it to enhance my life and productivity. I know I can outwork anyone because of my ability to control myself.


Controlling my mind is the key to everything else. Everything starts in the mind. Discipline is the gateway to good health, happiness, and personal peace. Wisdom and virtue are mine because of the high degree of control I exercise over my mind.


I am willing to suffer the challenge of discipline because the pain of regret is far greater. I embrace hard work and discipline. I am willing to do what is necessary to achieve success.


Today, I am committing myself to my future. I am taking steps in the present to secure the future I desire. I am using my discipline to control my destiny. I am disciplined and productive.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Where could I use more discipline in my life?
  2. What would change in my life if I had more discipline?
  3. How can I be more productive on a regular basis?


P.S. If you have friends who could benefit from this information please be sure to share it.

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