Getting Motivated Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!


Everything is all fun when we are working on our goals in the beginning.

It feels fresh and we feel elated.

But what happens when you don’t see the fruit of your labor?

Are you quick to give up and throw in the towel?

The most successful people in the world keep going even when everything and everyone is saying give up.

After-all, that is why they are successful

If you want to learn how to have that mindset you need to increase your motivation.

If you need some help finding daily motivation, here are some quick suggestions:

Re-create the desire you have for your goal. Visualize yourself when you have achieved what you wanted. What will you feel like when your name is on the best sellers list? What will it feel like when people are positively impacted from reading your book.  Immerse yourself in this exercise for some high-level daily motivation.

Do the opposite of the above tip. Instead of imagining yourself succeeding in your goals, think about what would happen if you failed. The thought of failure can be frightening so most people actually find this exercise more effective in boosting daily motivation.

Re-evaluate your goal. Is it really something you want or maybe other factors went into play when you were goal-setting? Losing daily motivation a few times is understandable but if you have lost interest in your goal for more than a few weeks now, that is as good as quitting and you may need to re-assess your goals or the actions you are taking to achieve them. If a particular task is holding you back and zapping your daily motivation, re-focus on the bigger picture. If, on the other hand, you are suddenly overwhelmed by your goal then fuel your daily motivation by taking it one step and one day at a time. Look back at what you have accomplished after a week, and you will see that you have actually done a lot of work.

Lastly, take care of yourself. If you do not have the physical energy, it will be hard to sustain daily motivation so make sure you sleep well, eat a balanced diet and get some exercise. So many people think that always staying busy is the key. It is actually the exact opposite staying busy will wear you thin and make you less productive. Make sure you take time to rest, refresh and restore.


These are just a few suggestions to motivate yourself but everything still depends on you. Try one or two of them this week and notice the difference in your motivation.


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