You Have A Purpose


I really loved the responses from my last post so this week I decided I would share another affirmation!

You matter and you must know that!

Say this aloud:

I have an important purpose.


I know my life has an ultimate function. I have an important role.


My life matters, and my existence is significant.


I avoid desperation or confusion because I know I have a crucial purpose. I seek out opportunities that expand on this. I focus on goals that show me my purpose.


I study along this journey and pick up new ideas. I use the knowledge to expand my mind and discover my purpose. I take each opportunity to explore the world around me, so I can learn even more.


I decide what is important in my life.


I live by my own principles. I have morals and values that propel me forward. Yet, I am flexible enough to change when it is necessary.


I can mold and nurture my purpose because I have control over my life.


I find the motivation that I need. I seek out and discover the encouragement that helps me.


My motivation flows from my purpose. I take steps to increase my knowledge each day. I set goals and pay attention to my accomplishments. All of these things add up to my purpose on this planet.


Today, I see my purpose in life. I appreciate the role I play. I have value and my life makes a difference in this universe.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find my purpose?
  2. What can I do to cultivate my purpose and nourish it?
  3. How can I help others find their purpose and encourage them along their journey?

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