Dare To Be Original


Standing out is HARD work!


Often, it’s not easy to be yourself especially in public.


At home, you can relax, but once you go out that door, it’s a whole other matter.


You feel the need to behave, talk and dress a certain way.


You’re less open with your preferences and opinions, especially when dealing with strangers.


Trust me I know it’s not easy to be original.


Putting on this façade often kills your confidence and courage.


As a kid fitting in was imperative if you wanted to make it through school without being teased.


However, as an adult, there is much to be gained if you dare to be original.


Secretly, we all admire those brave enough to be themselves. Many of the most creative people are the most highly valued. You don’t get to become a CEO, or successful actor, musician, or artist without the courage to be yourself.


There are many benefits to being original, both professional and social! One reason is that it increases your confidence and helps you to feel better about yourself and enhance your life by daring to be original.


Here is how you can embrace being unique and original:


  1. Rely on your instincts and intuition. Two things that makes you original are your instincts and your intuition. They are yours and yours alone. Both are based upon your unique experiences and view of the world. Anytime you learn something new, you’re affected. That knowledge influences your perspective.


  • Start small and rely on your gut to make small decisions for you. Try going for a drive and allow your intuition to guide you. Take the turns in the road that just “feel” right to you.
  • Trust your gut when you lack sufficient information.
  1. Change your clothing. Do you dress the way you prefer, or do you dress to fit in or to impress others? Dress to impress yourself.


  1. Share your opinions openly. There’s no reason to tell your office mate that her new hairstyle reminds you of a housewife from the 50’s. However, you can freely share your opinions on less personal things. Be open regarding your taste in movies, music, food, and other similar topics. Allow others to see the REAL you.
  2. Be kind to those that are brave enough to be original, too. If you’re critical of others, you’ll be afraid of receiving the same treatment. This will stifle your freedom to be yourself.


  1. Be willing to make mistakes. Make decisions as wisely as possible, but make them and do your best. If you’re afraid of making mistakes, you’ll never be original.


Isn’t it time be your true self?


Life is fleeting and if you spend all of your time living the way people tell you that you should you will always feel incomplete and you will always be unhappy.


Start today!!! Be brave and show the world who you really are.

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