Success Is All About Your Attitude


Today I want to talk about success. Many people assume that only lucky people are successful. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have had so many women reach out about how they can reach their potential and all of the things they have fallen short of. So today I decided that I am going to share an affirmation that was shared with me about attracting success.

So say this aloud


I am a magnet for success and good
I am drawn to success and success is drawn
to me. We coexist in the world. I have a
knack for choosing the best path to any
success. My natural instincts pull me to my
I am fortunate. Many people consider me to
be very lucky. When I need something, it
appears in my life. I have a strong
connection to the universe. I am given what
I require. However, I find that I receive the
most when I am diligent and proactive.
Good luck, good fortune, and good timing
go hand in hand.
I am grateful for all that I am receiving each
day. The more grateful I feel, the more I
receive. I rejoice in the good fortune of
others, too. This generates good will and
strengthens my relationships.
I work hard for success and good fortune.
The harder I work, the more good fortune
and success I experience. I am willing to
take responsibility for my life. There are
numerous small advantages that I make
the most of each day.
I have strong relationships with others. This
creates many opportunities in my life. Good
opportunities are presented to me on a
regular basis.
Today, I am opening myself to greater
success. I draw success and good fortune to
me like a magnet. I deserve success. I am
aware of my objectives and work toward

achieving them each day.


Take some time to reflect on this affirmation using the questions below:
1. What are the greatest opportunities in
my life right now?
2. When have I been the most successful?
3. Who and what am I fortunate to have in
my life?

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