How to Publish Your Book In Five Simple Steps



I am a firm believer that everyone has a message that someone else would benefit from. Do you have an experience or a wealth of knowledge that you could turn into a book? If you really think about it you probably have 20 books you could write!

I want to help you do exactly that!

81% of the population reports that they want to write a book, yet less than 1% actually goes forward with actually writing it. I’m excited that you are willing and ready to write a book but I must be honest there’s a process and I love sharing the steps to make that dream become your reality.

Here are five steps you need to take to write, publish and prosper off of your book.

Step one 

Commit to your goal. A lot of people say that they want to write a book but do they really determine if they’re able to do it let’s be honest it’s easier to watch TV it’s easier to go to happy hour but it is much harder to actually work towards reaching your goals. When I was ready to write a book.

Step two

 is to determine who you’re writing too. If you don’t fully understand who you’re writing to you’ll be riding to no one a lot of times the assumption is if you write a commonwealth of knowledge that I will apply to everyone but in the truth is when you’re talking to everyone you’re actually talking to no one. It’s really important that you narrow down who you’d like to focus on and what it is that you would like to share with them.  Once you understand who you’re writing to you is important to understand what it is that those individuals need from you did I need help with money do they need help with relationships maybe it’s faith. Your goal is to thoroughly understand what they expect need and want this will help you in the end when it comes time to market

Step three

Figure out how to make your cover stand out. After you have fully understood who it is that you’re writing to you understand what it is that they need you to write about now you want to think of a title that will be appealing to these individuals. Next, you want to think of a cover that will also speak to them as your special colors are looking for is there special designs that are intriguing to them ask yourself these questions as you hire someone to design your cover. Also, a strategy I used was getting my cover designed early on. I then printed it and hung it up in my workspace as a reminder of what I was working towards.

Step Four

Once you have your topic idea formed, begin outlining the chapters and/or sections of your book. Try to think from the end of the book first. What do you want your readers to walk away with at the end? How do you want the story to culminate? Once you have a general idea of how your book will end, create the outline moving toward that end.

Step Five

Start writing!! This can sometimes become the most overwhelming part, but doing the early work will help make this easier. Decide what time of day you will write, where you will write and how long you will write for. Creating a pattern will make the writing flow easier. Start small with a goal of writing 200 words each day for the first week. Then increase the number of words until you reach 1000-1500 words a day

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