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Ways to Show Gratitude to the Special People in Your Life


Some people go above and beyond to make your life better and more enjoyable. It’s only fair to show your gratitude to the people that do the most for you. There are many ways to show gratitude. The best ways to show appreciation depends on the person you feel the gratitude for. Your personal resources can also figure into the equation.


Ensure that the people in your life that go the extra mile know how much they mean to you.


Try these methods to show gratitude to those that deserve it:


  1. Tell them. This might be the easiest way to let people know how much you appreciate them. Just tell them. Watch how much they appreciate the compliment.
  2. Take them to do something they’ve always wanted to do. It might be waterskiing, a meal at the most exclusive restaurant in town, or a night spent sleeping under the stars. It will be something neither of you ever forget.
  3. Give a small gift. Take the time to find something they’ll love, but don’t buy something so extravagant that they’ll feel uncomfortable. Tell them the gift is for being so wonderful.

  4. Encourage them to do something new that frightens them. There’s no bigger favor you can do for someone than helping them move beyond a fear. It might be riding a horse, skydiving, or talking to an attractive stranger. You’ll be their hero.
  5. Do something for them they hate to do themselves. You might wash their car, mow the grass, or wash the dishes.

Compliment them. Tell them how great they are at playing cards, choosing their wardrobe, or dancing. Everyone enjoys a sincere compliment.

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