3 Things to do Each Sunday for a Smoother Week





Many people believe that Sunday is the last day to relax before heading back to work for the week ahead. Instead, think of Sunday as the first chance to prepare yourself for this upcoming week’s events and responsibilities. When you do this Monday morning will feel less overwhelming because you’ve already got yourself in order.



  1. Write out your week’s to-do list- When you write out a to-do list you know what you are supposed to be accomplishing for the week ahead. This allows you to stay on track for your week’s responsibilities and gives you a guideline.
  2. Clear up anything not fully finished from last week’s to do list. Instead of just rolling everything over to the next week use this time to get it done. This allows you to prevent feeling overwhelmed from having too many things on your to-do list.
  3. Slow Down. Take some time to truly rest your mind and your body so that you will have the energy you need for the next week. I typically use this time to take a nap, or watch tv. It is my mindless time, which allows me to recharge.


What do you do each Sunday to ensure your week run’s smooth?

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