The truth about negative thinking


Life isn’t always easy. Yet, we make life more challenging with negative thinking. The

influence of negative thoughts is far-reaching. There’s no part of your life that

escapes. It affects you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It limits your ability to

achieve and to enjoy life. There are reasons why pessimists are so miserable.

There are 2 primary effects that negative thinking has on your life:

1. It has a negative impact on your mood and outlook on life. Negative thinking

feels bad. Thinking negative thoughts can make you feel sad, afraid, angry,

hopeless, and negative in general. These emotions taint the way you view the

world and have a deleterious effect on your ability to make wise decisions.

2. Negative thinking inhibits your ability to achieve goals. For any objective, you

have things pulling you toward your goal and other things pushing you away.

When you think negative thoughts about achieving a goal, you’re much less able

to accomplish it.

3. Negative thinking actually damages your health.

Reducing the incidences of negative thinking is one of the most effective ways to

spend your time and enhance your life. Negative thoughts can harm your happiness,

success, and health. Spend time to ensure that your thoughts are supportive and

positive and turn your life around.

2 Responses to “The truth about negative thinking”

  1. Rita L. Jones

    I found this blog to discribe many of the feelings I am feeling . I am now living in my latter years which are suppose to be my best years. But I am learning between the trials of daily life compounded with recovering from a life altering disease my mind and my body are not even on the same universe. The physical, mental and emotional scars that remain has so altered my confindence of who I am today. The picture that I see daily is very discouraging . Thank you for giving me something to focus on again to get me remotely close to who. I use to be. God bless you as you become a vechicle woman can use to return to life more abundantly.

    • You are a beautiful woman and your strength is amazing. I completely understand how life can literally change our entire mindset. Mindset work and overcoming negative thinking are things that must be practiced daily. It’s like a muscle the more you work to overcome negative thinking the stronger you become. I am glad that my article helped togive you perspective. It is my desire to help women all
      Around the world!

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