Your words are truly powerful



The words that we speak are powerful. These words can bring a smile to one person and an intense amount of pain to another. The worst part is that we often use some of the most harmful words with ourselves. I’m sure you were taught to never say never…that’s a given. BUT there are many other words that you use on a daily basis that are tearing you down. These are words that are negatively impacting your thoughts. Listed below are three words you should eliminate from your vocabulary IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Try. This word implies that you are not truly willing to try. You are either willing to do it or you are not. There is no in between. You are either actively working toward your goals or you are not…there is no gray area! Eliminate the word try from your vocabulary immediately. When you do this you allow yourself to grow. There will be times that you do something successfully and there will be times where you fail. That’s okay. With this recognition, you have the opportunity to learn and try an alternative approach the next time around.
  2. Some day. The word “Someday” is an easy way to not have to commit to your goals. It’s an easy way to get out of working on your goals. There are seven days a week but someday isn’t one of them. Someday isn’t going to cut it! Life is so short and we don’t have time to tip toe around our goals! When we live with the someday mindset it causes us to procrastinate and therefore live with unfulfilled potentials. So instead of saying “someday”, set your goals, make a REAL deadline and work toward them a little every day. Throw that someday thinking out of the window!
  3. Should. When you use this word in your vocabulary you are sending yourself the wrong message. Using the word should express that there is something to do, but in some way you fell short. This can leave you feeling like you aren’t enough. When you use the word should you are affirming that you don’t have enough power to do what it is that you desire when in reality we are in control of our happiness. Replace “should” with understanding and more kind words and it will lead to more motivation and a more positive relationship with yourself.


If you do not take away anything from this post, I hope you realize that it is very important for you to be kind when you are speaking to yourself. Instead of being your own worst enemy learn to advocate and believe in who you are.

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