Why Settling is no good!

When you settle :

  1. You’re less likely to reach your goals because you almost become paralyzed
  2. You will always end up unhappy or not fulfilled
  3. You are constantly living in a state of fear

You have to make a huge effort to fight through the obstacles from where you are currently in your life to where you want to be.

So today ask yourself :

where in my life have I settled?

What has this settling caused for me?

How can I overcome my comfort zone and push to a place where I am no longer settling?


“Live less out of habit and more out of intent” be intentional about being happy and doing things that reinforce those feelings. Stop those habits so that they do not keep you stuck in a rut.

Stop the self sabotage. We have to push ourselves and dream big. Invest in yourself Motivate yourself encourage yourself love yourself and know I am here cheering you along during your journey.

If you need some accountability check out the work with me section of my website and I will be happy to hold you accountable in the process .

Now GO!

G-Give your dreams your all

O- opt in to making yourself a priority

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