Why are you settling?

There are several reasons people settle.

All of the reasons we will discuss are examples of mindset concerns that I am happy to help with. If interested  let me know and we can set up a clarity session around these reasons.

  1. Insecurity
  2. Fearful of taking risks
  3. Not liking change . How many of you like change? I’m sure nobody junos at the idea. I don’t even like changing around my living room it feels to permanent lol. But change is good. One of my favorite singers India arie says in one of her songs  the only constant in the world is change. We have to learn to adapt to change and embrace it as it allows for growth.
  4. Scared that they may fail . Failure can be the death of us. We can become so consumed in that we never make any changes . Nelson Mandela says: May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears. Write that down and really reflect on it . When I am reflecting on my decisions in life and how they have made me feel I ask myself are the decisions reflective of my dreams and aspirations and is my life aligned with these things? Or is my life reflective of my fears? Ouch that hurts. So many of us live a life that showcases all of our fears. We are stuck in a job we hate because we fear that if we leave we may not like the next job. We stay in relationships because we rationalize it and say all of my friends are in bad relationships so if I leave I am sure I will just end up in another bad relationship. Don’t let fear rule you.
  5. Impatience is another reason we often settle. This one was new to me, but I have experienced it personally. with everything being at our finger tips most people don’t want to wait for the best thing to come around when something is already present. Stop rushing through your decisions and allow yourself time to be reflective of your choices. This will lead to much better decision making.
  6. Being lazy. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming to look for the next best thing. Or maybe the next best thing takes work and unfortunately people are too lazy to put in effort for the things they hope to have. This prevents us from moving into our purpose and keeps us stuck in an area of mediocrity.
  7. The settling feels safe. Many of us feel protected, safe or even understood when we settle. It is what we are familiar with so we stay stuck there. I know my grandma wanted to move for years but she had been in her house for thirty years. It was her safe zone and place of comfort. Unfortunately the house was falling apart right in front of her eyes.  Many people even convince themselves to believe that settling will create their happiness when in reality it is creating more issues than we want to believe.

What are some reason’s that you have settled in your life?

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