Why Settling is Self Sabotage

Nobody should have to feel the pressure of settling. For some twisted reason people settle for mediocrity in many areas of their lives. It’s obscene and I’m not saying that in a judgmental manner, but in a reflective way as I too am guilty of settling in many aspects of my life.

It is so much easier to settle than to leave our comfort zone. But remember NOTHING great comes from staying in that comfort zone.

Settling is to adopt a more secure style of life.

Four common areas people settle in

  1. Goal setting and dreaming. people don’t dream big. They feel like if they set goals that are too big they will be less likely to reach them so they set goals that are easy just to give themselves a sense security. I am firm believer that if your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.
  2. Relationships (intimate and friendships) . People feel like old relationships are safe so they often stay stuck in them. Many of us grow out of having things in common with many of our friends . It is okay to let those relationships go especially if they are detrimental. It does not make us bad by any means it just shows that we value our growth and anyone that holds us back from that is not healthy for our well-being.
  3. Finances . A lot of times we settle in our career and we don’t learn ways that we can increase our finances or alternate our spending to open more financial doors for ourselves. Take some time to read to learn.
  4. Jobs . A lot of us stay in jobs out of fear of not liking the next job or not feelings like we will be good enough.

Take some time to reflect. What area of your life are settling in?

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