Ways to maintain consistent motivation with our health

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So today while at the gym I thought I should reach out to my ladies and share five things that motivate me to keep going

  1. Use motivational sayings or pictures and put them in places you usually go. My pantry door has statistics about working out and eating healthy. I have also included the benefits of exercise for our body. (FYI-the picture above is my actual pantry door). These photos keep me focused on my ultimate goal. I have a client that posts photos  of a victoria secret model photo in her actual refrigerator.  Extreme, maybe but it keeps her from eating late night snacks and reminds her the damage that junk food has on our bodies.
  2. Get nice gear. When I worked out in the past I would wear a giant t-shirt and some old gym shorts. for Christmas my mother bought me, some exercise clothes and it made all the difference . I felt more accomplished simply by putting on the right gear . You can find decently priced workout gear from Target, H&M and also Forever 21.
  3. Grab a friend. Many people miss out on the gym bc they would rather socialize. Who says you can’t do both? Plus adding a friend helps to keep you accountable
  4. Schedule your gym time. Just like you would schedule in your favorite tv show, an important work meeting or the weekly happy hour make it a priority to schedule in gym sessions and hold yourself to your schedule. After all, you would not miss the meeting with your boss so why is it any more acceptable to miss your “gym meeting”.
  5. Differentiate your workout. It is easy to get bored when all you do is run on the treadmill each day. Instead of making that the chunk of your work out try to see if you can do some handheld weight exercises as well. If you are not sure where to begin, check out the app  called workouts or 7-minute workouts. I also have had great success when I use my youtube app and search for PopSugar workouts. They have short yet challenging workouts that you can do no matter where you are. There are also thousands of other FREE workout videos on YouTube. If you are really dedicated you can even consider hiring a professional trainer!


Comment below: What are some ways that you keep yourself motivated when you do not feel like working out?

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