Put yourself on the list

Moms should put themselves first to be the best they can be. We all have a lot that we are required to balance . There will always be tasks that need to be completely and work to be done. Balance and self-care are critical for your well-being . If you do not spend time taking care of yourself now you will definitely pay for it later. Do not allow yourself to feel guilty by prioritizing your needs and your self-care. Without healthy self-care, you won’t be good to anyone else. Listed below are 25 ways that you can take care of yourself . Try one out today:

  1. Say no to anything that is not important to you . Reducing the amount of unneeded responsibility reduces the burden you’re feeling.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask for help. People won’t know you need them unless you verbalize it.
  3. Make sleep a priority . Not just any sleep, but enough sleep. Work is never more important than sleep.
  4. Take mini-breaks throughout the day. The change in routine will make it easier to begin your task again.
  5. Keep in touch with people who care about you. Isolation is dangerous.
  6. Write down five things you are grateful every morning. Doing this will help you to shift into a more optimistic focus.
  7. Highlight your accomplishments. This allows you to remember what you have accomplished when you feel hopeless.
  8. Reduce media usage . Don’t overflow your brain with the news or social media . This can cause distractions.
  9. Write down affirmations and put them in a jar. When feeling sad grab one. This helps you remember your strengths and changes your focus.
  10. Smile. Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood.
  11. Do something silly. We all deserve a little fun. It helps to boost our mood as well.
  12. Single-task. Although we are all used to multitasking the truth is single tasking actually allows us to be more productive.
  13. Clear up clutter . Clutter can be distracting . Cleaning it up can increase our productivity and helps you not to feel as overwhelmed.
  14. Light candles . Candles allow us to relax . Who can’t use a little more relaxation?
  15. Take a yoga class. This helps to recharge your mind, body, and soul.
  16. Eat a healthy meal and drink water. Good nutrition is important to having a healthy lifestyle. This helps to nourish and hydrate your body.
  17. Meditate daily for at least five minutes . Stillness really makes a huge difference.This helps you to recharge.
  18. Take a walk. Walking produces endorphin’s and helps us to feel better .
  19. Exercise regularly . This helps to increase your energy.
  20. Take one day off a week. This allows you to recharge and prevents burnout.
  21. Change your environment. Post up motivational quotes or inspiring photos. When having a rough day this can help you shift your focus and become more appreciative.
  22. Compliment yourself . This positive talk will help you to feel more content and happy. It can also help to reduce the desire to be perfect.
  23. Take a bath. This can help relax you and help you to fall asleep.
  24. Reward yourself. This helps to increase your motivation and encourages you to stay on the right path.
  25. Deep breathing. This helps to reduce tension and relaxes the mind and body.

Comment below with tips that you use to take care of yourself .


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