5 things you need to stop doing NOW!




  1. Stop saying yes to things that do not benefit you. It happens far too often that we feel obligated to say “yes” to other people, events or circumstances which hurt is in the long run. Become okay with saying no. The truth is everything is not meant for you. The more you say “no” the more time you will have for yourself and to do things that truly matter to you. Do not let other people make you feel guilty for doing what is best for you.
  2. Stop wasting time on things that do not benefit you. I know we all enjoy watching TV or doing mindless activities. This is okay in moderation, but if instead we spend all day long in front of the TV that is not pushing us any closer to our goals. We must recognize that time is our number one asset and we need to take advantage of it. Use your time for things that will impact your future in a positive way.
  3. Stop spending money on small things that in turn impact larger goals. We often think that spending a few dollars here and there will not hurt us. The truth is when that adds up it does impact us negatively. Take this example: If you buy a $4.00 latte each day that equals $28.00 a week. At the end of the month, that is about $120. At the end of a year that is $1,460, and this does not include the amount you could earn in interest if invested properly. Think about what other things you could be doing with that money (i.e. saving for a house, a car, a nice family vacation etc.). OUCH! That hurts huh? Again you do not have to completely stop drinking your lattes, instead identify a way you can do this in moderation.
  4. Stop making negative comments to yourself. We are what we say we are. If all we do is make negative remarks about who we are, then we, in turn, begin to believe these things and internalize these comments. This can have a long-term negative impact on our self-esteem and our accomplishments. There are enough people who will tear you down. Instead, build yourself up.
  5. Stop wasting time with people who do not have your best intentions at heart. You want to be near people who have goals and dreams that are BIG. You want to be around people who push you to go hard for your dreams. You want to be around individuals who invest in you. I do not mean only financially, but people who can connect you with others, people who share ideas, and people who give strategic and beneficial advice.  Have you ever heard the quote “Show me your friends and I will show you your future?” This quote reigns true. Our circle of friends and family truly has the biggest impact on our progress. The people we hang out with can bring us down or motivate us. Ask yourself; what are the people in my circle doing?


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